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It is always wonderful when a family brings a child for Baptism (some people use the word Christening for this).

In this service the child is welcomed into the church family. The child is baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit using water. This is an outward sign of what God has done for us in loving us and sending Jesus to die for all the things we do wrong.

The words in the baptism service enable the parents and Godparents to make declarations and also to make promises on behalf of the child to bring them up in the Christian faith. Later in life the baptised person may want to make declarations of faith in Jesus for themselves and they can do this in a service of Confirmation (see below).

It is also very exciting when an adult decides they want to be baptised. People who have put their faith in Jesus and are aiming to follow Him in their lives may decide to get baptised. This again acknowledges all that Jesus has done and allows the person to publicly declare their faith and commitment to Jesus.

We would love to talk to you if you would like your child baptised or if you want to be baptised yourself (or both).


Confirmation is a service in which those people who were baptised as a child and who have now come to faith in Jesus can ‘confirm’ the declarations that were made by their parents and Godparents at their baptism. At St Luke’s we hold a Confirmation service each year which is carried out by a Bishop. This is always a great time of celebration.


If you are reading this because you are getting married – CONGRATULATIONS.

We are exciting that you are considering getting married at St Luke’s. We are a modern and light building and so provide a great setting for a wedding.

If you phone us on 0121 622 2435 we can discuss whether St Luke’s is the right place for you and then start to plan the details.

As well as your wedding day we know that it’s the rest of your life together that is important and we would therefore offer to help you prepare for married life as well as put the details together for the wedding service.

You might find it helpful to look at the following website

We really look forward to hearing from you.

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We are sorry if you are reading this because you have recently experienced a bereavement.

As a church we endeavour to support people in whatever way we can when a loved one dies.

If you would like to have the funeral service at St Luke’s we will do everything we can to make that possible. Please contact us on 0121 622 2435 and a member of Clergy will talk with you to make arrangements.

It is very helpful if you can contact us as soon as possible and before making firm arrangements with the funeral director as this helps us to find a date and time that works for both yourselves and the church.

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